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Sing. Pray. Think. Laugh. Eat. Worship.

Join us for worship at 11:00am each Sunday in our beautiful sanctuary, where we offer our thanks, praise, and prayers to God, in a blended service where we open our hearts and minds to the power of the Spirit to transform ourselves and our community.  Some folks wear suits, and some wear jeans… however you are comfortable, come as you are.


Our Sunday morning is also LIVESTREAMED over the internet on our River Oaks United Methodist Church FaceBook Page and our River Oaks United Methodist Church You Tube Page as well.  Our Sunday morning worship service is a blended service. Depending on the theme for the day, we may sing traditional hymns, and contemporary worship songs.  You may hear Gospel music from the choir, a magical solo from one of our choir members and/or our wonderful music minister, Mr. Jonathan Kennedy.


The whole service centers around the Scripture readings for the day. The sermon is usually about 15 minutes long. Though we aren’t shy about tackling challenging subjects, we always remember not to take ourselves too seriously. We leave room for laughter – and we know that sometimes mistakes happen. (The Good News isn’t that we are supposed to be perfect, after all – the Good News is that we are loved, even with all our imperfections.) 


As sisters and brothers in Christ, we take time in each week’s service to be in prayer for one another. The Pastoral Prayer and our Joys and Concerns time is an opportunity to lift up joys and concerns, hurts, hopes, and dreams. 


We also have special services through out the year in our beautiful sanctuary.  Ash Wednesday, Maunday Thursday, Easter, & Christmas Eve services are celebrated with a beautiful worship experience.  


Once this awful pandemic has passed stay tuned for on the first Sunday of each month, we celebrate the joyful Feast of God’s Grace – gathering around the Communion Table. However, during this current time of uncertainty we are on hold with our food gatherings, and once this uncertainty has passed, we will once again partake at our common Table. We believe that it is the living Christ who invites us to the Table, and we trust that his invitation is for ALL people. With that in mind, anyone and everyone is welcome to share in the Bread and the Cup.  That being said, we also have a church wide pot luck luncheon after the 11:00am service on the first Sunday of the month. Feel free to stay and partake of some great food, fun and fellowship.




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